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ICP (Internet Content Provider) license or recordal is a legal requirement for all websites hosted in the People’s Republic of China. Applying for ICP license is a mandatory step before your website goes public; it takes place after the purchase of your Chinese domain name and hosting. If you don’t have an ICP number, your website can be shut down by the hosting provider without notice. As an alternative, many companies choose to host their Chinese websites in neighbouring regions, such as Hong Kong.

Your decision depends on the scale of your operation. If you only need a small company website to receive a low amount of traffic, hosting outside of Mainland China may be the sensible solution for your company. However, if you are serious about entering the Chinese market and want to ensure your message is getting across to Chinese consumers and clients, it is crucial to host you website within China and obtain an ICP license.

There are two types of ICP issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) at the provincial level. The first is ICP license 京ICP证 — used for commercial (operational) websites. This applies to any website that allows a customer to purchase goods or services online. The second is ICP recordal — 京ICP备 — used for non-commercial (informational) websites including those that don’t include direct sales.

Why is an ICP License useful?

The biggest advantages of hosting from Mainland China is that an ICP license will allow your Chinese visitors to receive a faster connection speed when viewing your website. Any websites hosted inside China loads significantly faster than sites hosted in Australia, the US or Europe and this will have some bearing on how Chinese search engines like Baidu will crawl and rank your website. An ICP license validates your website. It assists Chinese customers and clients to trust your business and enables you to promote your e-commerce website through Baidu PPC Advertising (similar to Google AdWords).

THINKCHINA provides you with a guideline and checklist for ICP application; we prepare and file the application to the Chinese Local Communications Administration. We also undertake ongoing care and maintenance of the ICP and .cn domain name with Chinese authorities. We act as your IT partner and guide you through web hosting set-up in China. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free solution that guarantees your business a China-friendly website.


At THINKCHINA, we offer end-to-end solutions to help clients acquire ICP Licenses. ICP legislation requires companies to have a physical presence in China such as a “registered office” or “China entity”. THINKCHINA provides custom solutions based on the licensing requirements and clients’ China strategy. We not only prepare and file the application, but also maintain your ICP and .cn domain with Chinese authorities.


THINKCHINA is China’s trusted expert in Server Management and Cloud Computing. We provide our clients with tailored hosting solutions, including server setup, server monitoring, backup, configurations and maintenance support. We use the latest technologies such as geo-based DNS, cloud computing, and server replication, to make a single website quickly accessible both inside and outside China, all at a low cost.


The .CN registry (CNNIC) has relaxed some of their policies which previously required that all .cn registrations to provide a Chinese local presence. The choice of a correct domain name for the Chinese market is a critical part of your digital strategy. At THINKCHINA, we spend time to understand our clients’ key objectives to provide them with a “one-stop shop” for Chinese web solutions on domain registration.


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1. Will your website be hosted in China?

China-hosted websites connect faster and are more reliable to customers and clients in China.

2. Will your website be generating revenue or publish news?

There are different ICP requirements for websites that generate revenue and publish news.

3. What is your presence in China?

There are different local presence and business structure requirements when it comes to ICP Recordal and ICP License.
Based on your answers, you are not elegible for ICP application.
THINKCHINA can act as an agent and provide you with a business solution, allowing you to host your website in China without worrying about ICP.

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Based on your answers, you are elegible for ICP application
THINKCHINA assists clients with ICP application, making it a hassle-free process.

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Based on your answers, you do not need to apply for ICP
ICP is only required for China-hosted websites. However, the speed and reliability of your site would be compromised in China.

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