We are proud to deliver a market-leading Aliyun Cloud solution tailored to the Chinese market.


THINKCHINA is specialised in Chinese Cloud server management. We are the official partners of Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud Computing), also work closely with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, as China’s trusted experts in Server Management and Cloud Computing. We are proud to be the leading provider of Chinese Internet managed service with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. We act as your IT partner in China, help you break through the great firewall, and enable delivery of cost-effective Aliyun (Alicloud, Alibaba Cloud Computing) solutions while maintaining a standards-based environment.

THINKCHINA run mission-critical servers for many Australia businesses, including government departments, business chambers, as well as other enterprises solutions. THINKCHINA specialises in highly available, scalable, enterprise platform solutions tailored to the Chinese market. Our deep knowledge base combined with our relationships with the most important data centre, hardware and software players in both China and the world, enable us to provide the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective system infrastructure solutions for our customers.

Server setup in China is critical for Australian businesses entering the Chinese market. Ensuring the fastest web loading speed in China is the first step to building a practical Chinese digital strategy. Our Chinese cloud expert team manages your Internet and game servers to ensure systems and applications are correctly configured at all times. Our team will also provide immediate assistance in the case of technical malfunctions.

We have partnered with the leading monitoring service providers to facilitate effective monitoring and alerting solutions with full 24/7 engineering support. THINKCHINA works with a variety of partner businesses in China and abroad to provide the best-managed Internet Infrastructure solutions that tailored to the Chinese market. We have been helping many Australia businesses in reach their target Chinese customers. With our partners Aliyun, AliCloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, we are committed to provide the best performance, most secure, and most affordable solutions for your business.


THINKCHINA is China’s trusted experts in Server Management and Cloud Computing. We provide our clients with an end-to-end China hosting solutions, including server Infrastructure setup, server monitoring, backup, configurations and server maintenance support. We use technology like geo-based DNS, cloud computing, and server replication to create a unique solution that makes a single website being accessible speedily within China and outside of China at low cost.


THINKCHINA has special cutting-edge knowledge and expertise on Chinese cloud computing in a number of specific industries. For each of these knowledge sets, we have the best-practice architectures and processes to build new systems and templates for optimizing existing sites. We are proud to provide our clients with a tailored solution that meet the industry needs, represent a number of industry solutions including e-commerce, gaming, SNS, new media, mobile and many others.


THINKCHINA offers world-class cloud technology with the flexibility to grow and scale effortlessly. We can manage your systems on public or private clouds in China. We will audit your existing servers and fix all problems, bringing them in line with best-practice standards; along with full 24/7 monitoring, management and support. Our goal is to create cost-effective solutions to unique and complex problems in Chinese cloud platforms, software applications, and user experience.


THINKCHINA offers end-to-end strategies for ICP solutions. We not only prepare and file the application, we also maintain your ICP and .cn domain with Chinese authorities. We act as your IT partner and guide you through web hosting set-up in China. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free solution that guarantees your business a China-friendly website. Learn more >