We help you address the disruptive impact of Chinese search engines Chinese SEO on the interaction between buyers and sellers


At THINKCHINA, we are dedicated to help marketers address the disruptive impact of Chinese search engines on the interaction between buyers and sellers. We deliver Chinese SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Paid Search management services (PPC, CPM, CPA) tailored to the Chinese market, and yield transparent and profitable returns for our clients. Search Engine Optimisation in Chinese for Baidu, Haosou and Sogou is a tremendous challenge for foreign brands and Australia businesses.

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, with approximately 63% of the country’s market share. SEO and SEM on Baidu are almost a must-do for digital marketers who want to target Chinese internet users. However, increasing your website’s ranking on Baidu requires a slightly different way of thinking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) compared to what you may be used regarding Google’s requirements. Although it takes into account proper localisation such as Chinese encoding, local domains, its extensive China SEM PPC program also requires an entirely different level of integrated search marketing.

At THINKCHINA, we take the time to understand your entire China strategy before considering visibility in search engine results. We understand that every business is unique and, as such, every SEO and SEM campaign strategy takes on a tailored approach. Whether you want to increase sales leads, improve traffic to your Chinese e-commerce site or boost calls to your B2B business, you can count on our team of Chinese search specialists to design and deliver a search strategy that attracts your target audience.

THINKCHINA is one of the leading China SEO agencies that will maximise your SEO ROI through a perfect balance of keyphrase analysis & prioritisation, on-page optimisation, off-site link building and Chinese social media signals. Our Chinese search marketing services enable clients to precisely target customers looking for specific products and services with the right message at the right time.


Your online presence and high page ranking play a crucial role in promoting your business in the Chinese market. At THINKCHINA, we work both on onsite and offsite optimisation to improve your organic ranking in the Chinese search engines. Our experienced and talented Chinese search engine optimisation marketing professionals will ensure that your website receives the maximum number of visits, looks impressive and captures the attention of Chinese consumers.


By leveraging seasoned expertise and cutting-edge search technology, THINKCHINA’s search engine marketing (SEM) is designed to maximise your returns from advertising spending. We integrate with your China digital marketing portfolio and maximise the potential of your paid search channels. Our Chinese search marketing strategy will enable clients to precisely target customers looking for specific products and services with the right message at the right time.


Having implemented wide-reaching campaigns across many verticals, THINKCHINA understands the complicated and fragmented display marketplace in China. We have cultivated deep-rooted relationships with top-tier publishers and networks that reflect our negotiating power in representing multiple advertisers in the Chinese market. Our Account Managers analyse daily data making adjustments in real-time to maximise conversion opportunities and profitability.


THINKCHINA applies the extensive expertise of our coherent team in producing digital audits for your brand in the Chinese market. We deliver assistance in identifying the challenges of your brand’s online ecosystem and work together to tailor the audit specifically to optimise customer journeys and minimise drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI. Find out more about our China Digital Audit Service.