We provide strategic and formalised recommendations that highlight key actions required in your China strategy.


With over 620 million online users in China, digital strategy is considered a major development direction for any company in the Chinese market. Utilising online channels to better connect with consumers is an important step for every company looking to improve its market performance. At THINKCHINA, strategy is to unearth customer-centric insights that can help to foster engaging and sustainable relationships in the Chinese market.

We work with clients to develop a range of strategic approaches, including broad cross-business digital strategy through to specific channel strategies. This might be an all-encompassing social media strategy or a specific objective, such as launching a new product or increasing online sign-ups.

The starting point for all work in Chinese digital strategy is to understand your key objectives within the Chinese market and determine the role that online platforms can play in achieving it. This ensures that all digital activity and strategy is anchored to the KPIs that suggest overall business success in China, rather than having a set of meaningless digital objectives that measure likes and visits instead of outcomes.

To help map out your brand’s future China digital presence, we work closely with you, run group workshops and conduct stakeholder and customer interviews in order to build a strong, unified digital strategy that will resonate with consumers and align with business objectives. This process involves analysing industry data and best practices, as well as thoroughly researching your business and competitors in order to understand who you are, what you do and what makes you different. We will provide you with strategic and formalised recommendations that highlight key actions required in your China strategy.


THINKCHINA applies the extensive expertise of our team to produce a digital audit of your brand in the Chinese market that will allow your brand to react quickly to China’s fast-changing digital landscape. At THINKCHINA, we will assist you to identify the challenges of your own online ecosystem and tailor the audit specifically to your brand’s needs to optimise customer journeys and minimise drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI.



THINKCHINA works with clients to create a Chinese social media strategy that pulls together all aspects of digital services and links them to your key objectives. We will assist you to create strategies for managing content production internally with a focus on consistency and frequency. We will also utilise metrics and measurement tools to test and analyse content ensuring your success in the Chinese market.



THINK CHINA delivers Chinese digital marketing training tailored to your organisation. Our combination of classroom learning and dedicated consulting hours will teach you how to unlock the potential of your digital intelligence in China, improve existing marketing programs, and extend the capability of your marketing team with the latest Chinese digital marketing knowledge and techniques.



THINK CHINA offers end-to-end solutions on ICP solutions. We prepare and file the application and maintain your ICP and .cn domain with Chinese authorities. We act as your IT partner and guide you through web hosting set-up in China. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free solution that guarantees your business a China-friendly website. Learn more >