A more meaningful, sustainable and profitable digital marketing engagement.


The challenge for most Australian businesses is China’s distinctive digital landscape, unique language and consumer dynamic. The manner in which Chinese consumers utilise the web and interact with marketing content differs significantly from those of Australian consumers. Indeed, almost every online service from the western world is either unavailable or displaced by a domestic alternative. Therefore, your current online strategies often cannot be directly adapted to China.

To help guide the way, THINKCHINA has established an experienced team of Chinese digital experts to focus your digital strategy on channels that will make the biggest difference to your business. We can help you understand the Chinese digital landscape, create a great marketing strategy tailored to the Chinese market, and develop a prioritised approach to reach your target market.

THINKCHINA is a full digital marketing and research agency based in Sydney and Qingdao. We have delivered successful projects to both international and Australia businesses targeting the China market. We work to help clients define their commercial goals, attain an understanding of their audiences in the region and discern the best way to administer digital touch-points. We have comprehensive and first-hand insights into digital marketing and the social media landscape in China. By working closely with our clients, we are able to develop informed online marketing strategies that will significantly increase sales to Chinese consumers.


THINKCHINA‘s social media campaigns take advantage of the industry’s latest technologies and techniques. We helps clients plan, measure and implement a Chinese social media strategy to drive awareness, and ultimately, increase sales through organic online audience engagement. We will assist you in areas from strategic planning, service delivery, to reporting.



SEM and SEO on Baidu are a must-do for digital marketers who want to target Chinese internet users. THINKCHINA helps clients maximise Chinese Search Engine performance through a balance of key-phrase analysis and prioritisation, on-page optimisation and genuine off-site link building. We also help clients open new opportunities using highly-targeted Baidu advertisements.



THINKCHINA will assist you to create digital strategies that pulls together all aspects of digital services and link these to your key business objectives and offline activities. We will then work with you to take your strategy off the page and bring it to life as a fully-functioning digital marketing plan with measurable results in the Chinese digital environment.



THINK CHINA delivers training courses tailored to each individual organisation. We will teach you how to unlock the potential of your Chinese digital intelligence and existing marketing programs. We will also extend the capability of your marketing team with the latest Chinese data-driven knowledge and advertising techniques. Find our more about our training program.