Protecting your data in China with centralised visibility and control


When companies do business in China, they are often left alone to interpret regulations, identify what data should be saved and implement storage to meet those regulations. In fact, data security and compliance weigh heavily on any organisation handling sensitive, regulated and valuable information. At THINKCHINA, our range of cloud-based solutions incorporate best practices in data security — whether that data is in motion or at rest. Combined with our managed, professional and consulting services, our goal is to help your organisation meet compliance challenges from both China and Australia.

A stable, high-performance and efficient core infrastructure is critical to the operation of your business in China. Our highly experienced team will help you construct and integrate our product into your customer’s environment. This allows you to focus on your business, while still being able to provide solutions of the highest-quality without compromise.

At THINKCHINA, we help our clients to plan, design, implement and manage efficient core infrastructure that reduces operational burden and leaves you to focus on projects that matter to your business. Our Data Infrastructure team draws on vast experience to assist you to transform the operation of your data centre. We will work with your team to identify business and application requirements and translate them into a plan for the future. We can help you deploy a data storage platform that can not only scale with your business, but also reduce the cost of backup and disaster recovery. We act as your IT partner in China and guarantee your business with the best end-to-end data solutions.


At THINKCHINA, we work with our clients to understand their goals. This allows us to clearly envision a seamlessly integrated and accelerated solution that meets the needs of an integrated Chinese and English system. Whether using emerging technologies, our custom development capabilities or established packaged software from market leaders, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. We act as your IT partner in China to help you achieve high performance at an accelerated pace.


The Internet has revolutionised our ability to communicate and share data beyond national boundaries, thereby facilitating cross-border interactions between individuals and organisations. The movement of electronic information across borders is especially critical to businesses around the world。THINKCHINA‘s data team specialises in data management in the Chinese market: we use the best industry practice to ensure the smooth cross-border data transfer and setup of regular backup images for speedy disaster recovery.


At THINKCHINA, we believe the implementation of infrastructure to centrally support, manage and enforce policy is the most effective approach for passing audits, complying with regulations and meeting your business goals in the Chinese market. THINKCHINA helps our clients establish high-quality data infrastructure to ensure data integrity and security within the Chinese market. We have valuable experience in providing data storage and backup solutions that observe data storage compliance in both China and Australia.


THINKCHINA applies the extensive expertise of our team to produce digital audits for your brand in the Chinese market. We will assist you to identify the challenges of your brand’s online ecosystem and work together with you to tailor the audit specifically to optimise customer journeys and minimise drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI. Find out more about our China Digital Audit Service.