Use your own data to make informed business decisions


In China’s digital market, the ability to simply collect customer data is no longer a competitive differentiator; brands must have the tools and expertise necessary to gain insights from that data. Chinese Web Analytics are essential for not only measuring, but also understanding your Chinese online performance. Without correct data tracking configuration in the Chinese market, it is impossible to assess the impact of your marketing strategy or identify weak points in your website design.

When compared with Western web analytics tools, local Chinese web analytics solutions provide better access, stability and integration with their local digital environment, including search engines, social media, and traffic sources. For example, CNZZ and Baidu Tongji provide detailed segmentation of Chinese localities. You can choose to segment your visits by province or city and analyse visits coming from different regions within China.

Although web analytics are not new for most Australian businesses, China’s great firewall and blocking of Google APIs and services means any users visiting your site would not be recorded by your Google Analytics install. This discrepancy is not about qualitative data, but quantitative data. As a consequence, not every visitor will be recorded by your Google Analytics. For international brands and Australian businesses in the Chinese market, the loss of this data can have an immense effect.

THINKCHINA‘s Chinese web and data analytics team provides client-focused full-service Chinese data and web analytics solutions. We offer a wide range of data, insights and action services that are specifically designed for the Chinese market. Our goal is to help your marketing teams implement best-practice Chinese data strategy and widen the conversion funnel with smart data-driven marketing. We help our clients choose the right web analytics solution, configure different platforms to measure what matters to the business, and deploy Chinese tag management systems for flexible implementation. By working closely with our clients, we develop a framework to deliver reliable reports that bring insights and trends to the foreground for Chinese analysis and decision-making. This China-specific framework can extend across your multiple websites, apps, other online channels, and integrate seamlessly with existing offline marketing campaigns.


Appropriate configuration and implementation of your Chinese analytics data will show you exactly how your website is performing, giving you valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Chinese content and marketing efforts. We use a range of analytics tools specifically designed for the Chinese market, including CNZZ, Baidu Analytics and Taobao Data. We provide actionable and practical view of your best-performing channels so you can achieve a higher investment returns.


We develop our measurement strategy based on, and led by, your China marketing objectives and business KPIs. We develop a framework tailored to the Chinese market to deliver reliable reports that bring insights and trends to the foreground, for smarter analysis and decision-making. We provide our clients with in-depth analytics reports supported by proprietary data and web analysis allowing them to measure and evaluate campaign effectiveness on a local level.


THINKCHINA generates insights that matter to you. With the correct configuration of your data tracking and the knowledge of our expert teams, we provide actionable intelligence to allow a detailed understanding of your Chinese digital strategies and marketing initiatives. This allows the identification of areas with potential for improvement, insights into optimisation of your online channels and draws attention to potential issues in your Chinese business strategy.


THINK CHINA delivers customised training that is tailored to each individual organisation. We will not only teach you how to unlock the potential of your China digital intelligence and existing marketing programs, but also extend the capability of your marketing team with the latest Chinese data-driven knowledge and advertising techniques. Find our more about our training program.