Understand Chinese consumer online behaviour to unlock your potential.


In today’s fast changing marketplace, knowing what works and what doesn’t is vital for your brand and business to continue to grow in the Chinese market. With clean data shaping your Chinese marketing strategy, you can engage with your customers, improve your online visibility, and increase your ROI in China.

As China’s markets mature, customers become more savvy and competition increases. As a result, many companies are encouraged to re-assess their approach to data analytics. Today, an increasing number of companies in China have placed big data and web analytics as the cornerstone of their decision-making process in order to sustain a competitive edge.

At THINKCHINA, our data analytics services are designed to help clients move from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’ by generating fact-based objective insights tailored to the Chinese market. We keep up with the latest industry trends, developments and best practices to continuously optimise your Chinese digital marketing campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to provide businesses with reliable, scalable, and economical Chinese data solutions to clients in an innovative and effective manner.

We leverage insights from your own data to help improve your Chinese digital channels, integrate measurement and campaign management, and offer a wide range of data, insights and action services to help your marketing teams implement the best Chinese data strategy and widen the conversion funnel with data-driven marketing. We achieve this by constantly gathering, defining, and analysing intelligence on products, customers, and competitors, and distributing this valuable data to our customers. By sharing this knowledge, we enable our clients to make informed decisions in regards to both marketplace threats and opportunities.


Your Chinese analytics data will tell you exactly how your website is performing, giving valuable insights into the effectiveness of your Chinese content and marketing efforts. We use a range of analytics tools specifically designed for the Chinese market, including CNZZ, Baidu Analytics and Taobao Data. With clean data shaping your China strategy, you can engage with your customers, improve your online visibility, and increase your ROI.



As the most experienced and specialised Chinese market research agency, we do everything in-house. Your tailored market research report will allow you to make the most informed business decisions possible. Our research will provide you with insights into Chinese market size; technological trends; regulatory environment; competitive landscape; market structure and channels, and the future market outlook.



When companies do business in China, they are often left alone to interpret regulations, identify what data should be saved and implement storage to meet those regulations. We help clients establish data solutions from the beginning to ensure data integrity and security in the Chinese market. We have experience in providing data storage and backup solutions that observe data storage compliance in both China and Australia.



THINKCHINA applies the extensive expertise of our coherent team to produce digital audits for your brand in the Chinese market. We deliver assistance in identifying the challenges of your brand’s online ecosystem and work together to tailor the audit specifically to optimise customer journeys and minimise drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI. Find out more about our China Digital Audit Service.