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Despite a macroeconomic slowdown in China, online consumer spending on Chinese eCommerce platforms is growing at close to 50% per year, particularly in fast-growing second and third-tier cities. Although these cities are often overlooked by the bricks and mortar of foreign brands, online hypermarkets such as JD.COM and Yihaodian dispatch daily delivery drivers on fully laden electric bikes to these locations from thousands of distribution centres across the country.

Buying quality overseas-made goods, with their reduced import taxes and simpler quarantine and inspections procedures, remains the aspiration of many of these consumers. Within this environment, pilot B2C gateways are causing much excitement among buyers and sellers. However, successful exporting requires tailored brand messages and product design to cater for subtle but significant differences in consumer behaviour across international markets.

THINKCHINA has extensive experience in the Chinese eCommerce landscape. We provide flexible and tailored solutions that help you leverage your brand equity and product offering to fit the digital environment in China. An appropriate eCommerce strategy allows you to precisely understand your digital market, your competitors and the best practices for a successful business. The unique Chinese eCommerce ecosystem requires a unique market entry strategy to set a right start. We will give you the tools to craft the most successful approach to entering the Chinese digital market for you and your brand.

At THINKCHINA, we are proud to offer a new end-to-end Chinese eCommerce solution enabling Australia’s brands and businesses to enter the Chinese online ecosystem on Tmall, and 360Buy. We not only take care of store application, setup and development, but we also provide you with Chinese content management, customer services solutions, outbound and return logistics strategies. We will provide you with specific advice on the marketplace, pricing strategy insights and payment solutions within the Great China region.


THINKCHINA specialises in eCommerce setup and operations for businesses to target the Chinese market. We help our clients establish their official presence in Tmall Global, and 360buys eMarketplaces, including application, store set-up, shop development and decoration. We ensure that it is both creative and effective in promoting sales and customer satisfaction. We operate your shop to drive traffic and sales by optimising your online advertising budget on these marketplaces.


WeChat and Weibo have both launched their own social eCommerce platforms that give companies the potential to market to their customers in real-time by location and profile information. THINKCHINA is experienced in establishing social and mobile eCommerce channels for our clients to providing enhanced user experience with desired functionality. We enables your business to have efficient access to the burgeoning Chinese social eCommerce market at a low cost.


The THINKCHINA digital marketing team considers diverse elements including management of Chinese consumers’ service expectations, supply chain dynamics, trust factors, product selection and online consumer relations management when developing effective eCommerce strategies tailored to the Chinese market. We provide you with an accurate understanding of competitor pricing, examine customer price elasticity and implement the optimal online strategy.


THINKCHINA applies the extensive expertise of our team to produce digital audits for your brand in the Chinese market that will identify the challenges of your brand’s online ecosystem. An audit tailored to your business will optimise customer journeys and minimise drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI. Find out more about our China Digital Audit Service.