Our Digital Audits will make you aware of where you and your brand stands relative to your competitors in the Chinese market.


THINKCHINA applies the extensive expertise of our team to produce a comprehensive digital audit for your brand in the Chinese market. We offer assistance in identifying the challenges of your brand’s online ecosystem and work together to tailor the audit specifically to your brand. We optimise customer journeys suited specifically to the Chinese consumer while minimising drop-off, ultimately resulting in increased ROI in the Chinese market.

We understand the importance of comprehending the surrounding Chinese digital landscape to successfully identify and overcome the challenges of online ecosystems. By delivering comprehensive audits efficiently and working together with you, our team of experts will assist your brand to react quickly to China’s fast-changing digital landscape.

China Digital Audits result in a clearer understanding of where your brand stands in the Chinese market. Lighting up your brand path and gaining information on both competitors and challenges will make you and your brand more aware of necessary steps reach your business goals. Our collaboration will ensure you enter the competitive digital market with a comprehensive knowledge base and certainty in your brand.

Your digital audit report will review the China Digital Ecosystem to deeply examine content, visuals, engagement mechanisms, key opinion leaders/media partnerships and interconnectivity among the various platforms. The final report will address the key approaches and tools that you can implement to improve your marketing strategy. At the same time, the report will provide you with strategic and formalised recommendations, including content marketing strategy, web optimisation and other actions.


At THINKCHINA, we understand that a solid online presence is an integral aspect of a successful brand in the Chinese market.We provide you with a better understanding of where your business stands in comparison to your competitors so you are able to visualise realistic future goals for your brand in the Chinese digital landscape.


THINKCHINA collects data on your competitors to give you a clearer insight into the methods and results of the industry’s key players. By understanding and analysing the competitive landscape, we are able to offer tailored solutions to your marketing challenges that will increase your brand presence in China’s digital environment.


Digital strategy is a major development direction for any company in the Chinese market. We provide strategic and formalised recommendations that highlight key challenges and opportunities for your brand. By delivering data-driven reports, we help you analyse the strategy required to enhance your brand in China.


THINKCHINA delivers customised training tailored to each individual organisation. We will not only teach you how to unlock the potential of your China digital intelligence and existing marketing programs, but also extend the capability of your marketing team with the latest Chinese data-driven knowledge and advertising techniques. Find our more about our digital training program.