Digital marketing solutions are offered across all media channels in China.


Doing business in Greater China can be rewarding, but it is also often complex and challenging. Success in the region requires commitment, local knowledge and adaptability. We understand the importance of comprehending the surrounding Chinese digital landscape to successfully identify and overcome the challenges of these online ecosystems. Our team of experts will work together with you to allow your brand to react quickly to China’s fast-changing digital landscape.

THINKCHINA is the trusted partner of Alibaba cloud computing Aliyun (AliCloud) in Australia. We are the leading provider of the Chinese Internet managed service with headquarters in Sydney. We act as your IT partner in China. Our goal is to help you break through the great firewall and enable delivery of cost-effective Aliyun (Alicloud, Alibaba Cloud Computing) solutions while maintaining a standards-based environment. Our specialised ICP, hosting, design, development and bilingual copywriting team will ensure your message is fully delivered to the Chinese market. THINKCHINA is your “one-stop-shop” for Chinese web solutions.

With years of experience in China’s digital environment, we work closely with our clients to define their commercial goals, attain an understanding of their audiences in the region and discern the best way to deliver digital touch-points. With offices in China and Australia and partners in Europe and New Zealand, we draw on our international experience to help establish and execute your successful China-focused digital marketing program.


At THINKCHINA, our in-house team of IT engineers and data analysts are committed to innovation. Our extensive knowledge across a wide range of disciplines in China’s digital landscape inspire our cutting-edge marketing strategies that target the Chinese market.



Our data analytics services are designed to help clients move from ‘we think’ to ‘we know’ by generating fact-based objective insights tailored to the Chinese market. We keep up with the latest industry trends and best practices to optimise your Chinese digital marketing campaigns.



We love to share our digital knowledge through conferences and events held around Australia. We represent the most direct and inexpensive way for Australian businesses to reach Chinese consumers by understanding the importance of the Chinese market.



At THINKCHINA, our wealth of experience has seen us work on retail to pharma, B2B, B2C and member-based organisations. We are proud to showcase some of our clients who have successfully strengthened their business relationships in China.



THINKCHINA began from a simple idea: Why can’t it be easier to do business in China? Today, this remains our mission. We endeavour to provide assistance to our clients who wish to develop and deepen the digital relationship between their brand and Chinese consumers. We deliver value and measurable results through quality marketing content and strategic thinking. From this simple idea, THINKCHINA has grown to become a leading digital marketing firm solely dedicated to assisting Australian businesses succeed in China.

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