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We have big ideas and opinions on all things digital in both Australia and China. If you would like to contact THINKCHINA regarding a media opportunity, please email ben@thinkchina.com.au with your publication and deadline. You can also call us on (02) 9098 5087.

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Wine & Viticulture Journal
Navigating the lucrative Chinese wine market
Discover how to navigate the lucrative Chinese wine market. Armed with understanding of consumer demographics, Chinese tastes and potential markets, Australian businesses are able to untap China’s wine market.

We regularly share insights into the latest industry trends and best practices in digital China disciplines with our readers. Topics covered include digital marketing, eCommerce and data analytics and more.

Chinese tourists choose Asian neighbours instead of heading down under
Chinese tourists are choosing to book vacations with our Asian neighbours instead of travelling to Australia. Discover how Australia ranks compared to other holiday destinations and what Australia can do to attract more holiday-makers.

Australia Business Forum
Understanding the Chinese consumers
Who buys, who pays: Marketers need to understand that the difference between the China and Australia markets. Variations between these markets isn’t restricted to language barriers, but also includes consumer motivations and behaviours.

LinkedIn Publications
Benjamin works closely with research institutes in Australia. He has published many articles containing fresh perspectives on matters affecting businesses operating in the Chinese market.