We take time to understand our clients and assist them reach their full potential.



THINKCHINA prides itself in its team of highly experienced digital marketing experts and analysts. Equipped with extensive knowledge across a wide range of disciplines within China’s digital landscape, our team works together with clients to create cutting-edge marketing strategies to target the Chinese market.

Innovative thinking in eCommerce, analytics and data research allow us to go beyond our clients’ expectations to offer practical solutions to their problems in the digital marketing sector.

At THINKCHINA, our primary focus is to provide assistance to our clients who wish to develop and deepen the digital relationship between their brands and Chinese consumers. We deliver value and measurable results through quality marketing content and strategic thinking. We offer a variety of services ranging from web development, social media strategy, to eCommerce. We aim to offer optimal results to our clients through collaboration and understanding.

We pride ourselves on being thought leaders in Chinese web technology including product design, development practice, and cloud deployment customised for the Chinese market. Our perspective comes from years of practical experience and success. We deal with our clients in a direct and honest manner. THINKCHINA has no commercial obligations or investment in third party products. Our clients’ needs come first: Solutions and services that best meet your commercial and technical requirements are our primary concern.


THINKCHINA started from humble beginnings to become a leading digital marketing agency for businesses looking to thrive in China. Our dedication to innovation and collaboration is key to both our success, and that of our clients.



The THINKCHINA team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the latest digital marketing technologies in Australia and China. Our diverse team is drawn together by our passion for technology-based problem-solving.



We have worked with a range of clients from a number of different Australian industries. Our portfolio proudly showcases some of our biggest success stories who have solidified their place in the lucrative Chinese market..